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  1. Live Status Page has been created solely to view up-to-date information. If it is written that the cheat has been undetected since September 25, 2020, then it has not been detected since then.
  2. ShyNoX


    Hi @iowned7, We don't sell spoofer anymore separately. It always goes with our cheats. If you want to get our FaceIT spoofer, you should purchase cheat itself with built-in spoofer. At the moment we are working on spoofer, to sell it separately. Soon it will support more anti-cheats and will be available for purchase again. Kind regards, ShyNoX!
  3. ShyNoX

    PUBG Lifetime

    Hi @0day, We don't sell lifetime option for separately one cheat / spoofer. But you can become a sponsor (https://tildahack.xyz/topic/2813-become-a-sponsor-today/?tab=comments#comment-3110). For more information read thread above and message @Curious on forums or on the discord: Curious#2125 Kind regards, ShyNoX!
  4. Thanks for the honest review, that's what exactly what we're looking for. Jesus Mode, will be updated today. More will follow, stay tuned.
  5. 1. Fill out form on the verification section. 2. If you have been approved, you have to purchase the cheat in 3 days, otherwise you will be flagged as inactive user and banned from applications for 30 days. - FaceIT Semi-Private requires: 1 level / 2 level of verification. FaceIT PRO requires: only ID Verification (2 level). - Don't waste your and our time, if you can not afford 100€+ cheats.
  6. Testimonial Template To maintain a certain level of quality for all reviews, feel free to use the following ideas as a guide for a more thorough testimonial! Topic titles should indicate which cheat(s) you will be reviewing. Usability / Functionality Functions / Features Please describe your experience with specific features of our products (Aimbot, ESP, Misc, ETC.) Safety This is in regards to anti-cheat support and detections (or lack thereof). This does not include self-inflicted bans (ie. Overwatch bans, fairfight bans, using untrusted features, etc.) Support Our supports or other community members have helped you. Let us know! Conclusion Any other thoughts or general comments regarding cheats / community / etc. This template is not required to post a review, but make it as detailed as possible. Detailed reviews creators will get 1 additional week to their subscription.
  7. Hello, you need to contact the administrator about this issue. There may still be some options for getting access. Write @Curious on the forum or on the discord - Curious#2125