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  1. Almost 4 weeks ago, we decided to take a vacation from our work.There were no notifications about it , at the same time I did not respond to any messages. We will resume our cheats within a few days.(We will not be able to give a specific date, approximately until January 20).First, our team will test the performance of our products, after which the status update will not take long. The loader is currently frozen. All active subscriptions will be renewed. With king regards, TC Staff!
  2. Hello , a new loader has been released and the entire database of accounts of the previous loader has been deleted.That is why we ask users with an active subscription to write to support for registration. At the moment there were several applications for registration and all of them were not issued correctly.That is why I decided to create a manual on how to apply for registration. The form of the correct application In the request header, write your request purpose. Example : Registration an account. Greeting The purpose of the application Your available & active cheat Duration of subscription Invented data to enter the loader. Login Password HWID from "TC HWID Finder" Good Luck !