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  1. Detection depends a lot on the cheat and the developers of the cheat yes. But when being banned it is not right to automatically throw the website and or admins and staff under the bus because something happened and the cheat was detected. A lot of times being banned, its most likely due to the fact you had the loader somewhere unsafe, or were maybe going a little to hard with the program. Always make sure you have your loaders on a fat32 formatted USB stick for the most under the radar. As well as a lot of game developers don't waste resources in banned solo players. Most likely what they do a lot of the times is that, they put accounts up for flags. (Multiple ban reports, or malicious software on your PC). TildaCheats is one of the best websites i have EVER used. I used their Rust program for almost 3 months and FaceIT for few months without getting banned. I say that's a win in my book. Using cheats, i'd say no matter what site you are never guaranteed to not be banned. So if anyone is ever banned, they shouldn't be upset, because that's what comes in using these programs. Its literally listed in bold before you purchase I don't think its fair to staff on here, when someone gets banned for being a blatant or just because somehow they got caught. To automatically throw the devs and or staff under the bus. Because like i said, you cheat, you most likely will get banned. There is no site that has 100% undetectable programs, something will always come up, and you should be ready for it when it does. Instead of getting banned, and crying that this site is scamming, and always detected. I used the Rust program for 3 months without being banned. I have not one complaint when being banned, because I know its always coming. I'm never surprised when i get banned, I'm always surprised I lasted another day using the program, because that's what happens.