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  1. All I can say, that anti-cheat bans are delayed for sure. Manual bans = instant bans. Play legitimately and you will be fine. Do you have high rank w/o cheats?
  2. ur really lucky man, did you get 1 day bans at least?
  3. I've been playing with cheating for a while now and it's time to give my review on this software. After testing several tips on the market, TildaCheats is in my opinion the best cheat site on Fortnite. Aimbot - 9/10 does its job well, you can easily play legitimately or play a little more aggressive, the software is easily adjustable and I appreciate the simplicity of the interface and the quality of the Aimbot which is very precise unlike some software used, the only minus point is the snipers predilection which does not work well for me, after that will change in the future. ESP - 10/10 the best esp I have used, very complete interface, you can adjust many details whether for weapons, players on the map, loot, visual and color Red, green on the players is very well done and especially no drop in performance, with this Esp I had no drop in FPS. Support - 6/10 not really responsive support, but they are kind and ready to help, if there is any problem they took the time to help me and answer my questions when I installed the software the first time Spoofer / cleaner - 10/10, the best I have used, the interface is simple, intuitive and quick to cheat inject, some spoofer and cleaner I used before were a bit complicated and quite restrictive to use, here it just press the buttons to clean, put the spoofer and injected the cheat, very easy to use Conclusion: Tildahack is for me the best tip for Fortnite that you will find on the market, if you are looking for a good quality software that works well and plays for a long time do not hesitate you will not be disappointed, for my part I was pleasantly surprised by this software which is really very good, I highly recommend it. Ps: sorry for the spelling mistakes