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  1. Seller has been verified. You can purchase our services through @best331 safely.
  2. Seller has been verified. You can purchase our services through @best331 safely.
  3. Usually, up to 2 weeks. But bans are not always delayed depending on how you bypass their client. Play atleast 15 games and you will whether the cheat is detected or not.
  4. Such type of bans occur only by 2 reasons: - Insane count of reports (user side) - Software does not clean injection tracers - in some cases, you will be flagged, but usually you will just get 24-hours++ bans from 2-3 reports. Similar system exists in Rust. Overall, with our cheat you can easily do hundreds, maybe even thousands of hours on if you have a legitimate play-style that doesn't trigger PUBG "Cerberus", but of course rage or not, this is entirely up to the player.
  5. Changelog: Improvements: * Fixed BSODs (Injection & In-Game) * Fixed exfils * Fixed Aimbot Flickering * Updated for the latest patch * Added new method (more stable / lower FPS drop) - add to Startup Parameter "-beta"
  6. Changelog: New features: * Added Hotbar ESP, once activated it should display the targets equipped items. Just aim at the target and a dialog should pop up that you can move around freely * Added Always HS: Will hit the head no matter what bodypart you hit. Example: You shoot someone with an arrow or bullet in the leg and the projectile will be redirected to the head no matter where the target has been hit * Added "Always Hit Hotspot", works on trees and ores (similar to Auto Farm, which is fixed on some modded servers) Improvements: * Fixed BSODs on injection stage * Fixed some perfomance issues
  7. Changelog: * Improved Security * Improved Injection Timings * Optimized & Updated for Windows 21xx * Minor Design & Text updates Fixes: * Injection Errors * Crashes * Animation Bugs * Login Errors
  8. Added some new features, increased perfomance for LVL1 / LVL2. Changelog: * Improved Perfomance (Level 1 / Level 2) * Improved Security * Added Mini ESP * Added Flying State For Mini ESP * Prediction Fixed
  9. We are pleased to provide new cheat for R6S. At the moment cheat has only few features, but it is quite enough for a comfortable game. Full list of features can be found here. Gradually, the cheat will get more functions. More information about R6S Cheat & Purchase: https://tildahack.xyz/store/product/18-r6s-cheat-gen1/ This cheat has only 20 available slots, real-time slots status: https://tildahack.xyz/choose.status Exact detection status of the cheat: https://tildahack.xyz/status/
  10. We are proud to present TildaCheats standalone HWID spoofer. This spoofer has been developed and tested since 2017, but since then everything has changed and in June we started developing a new generation of this product. At the moment it can be purchased without verification, but if you are interested in a spoofer for FaceIT / ESportal - please pass verification. After purchase read this how-to-use guide. This spoofer is also comes with any of our available cheats. More information about HWID spoofer: https://tildahack.xyz/store/product/10-hwid-spoofer-gen2/
  11. Anticheat Status : - BattlEye : Undetected See exact status : https://tildahack.xyz/index.php?/status/ Game version : - Latest ... Cheat features: - Supports all game modes; - No crashes and FPS drops while using cheat; - Protection from HWID ban (HWID Spoofer); - Works in full-screen mode; - Accurate aimbot that calculates the movement of targets and the distance to them; - Cleaning Logs; - Stream Proof; - Aim Bone (Head, Neck, Chest, Leg) - Additional Aim Bone - Aim Smooth - Aim Key - Distance - Render Aim FOV - Aim FOV (Slider) - Sticky Aim (Lock target) - pSilent - Player ESP - Team ESP - Health Bar - Border ESP - Border ESP Style (Full, Corner, 3D) - Radar - No Sway - No Recoil (can be lowered from 100% to 0 %) - No Spread (can be lowered from 100% to 0 %) - Uninject from the game - Auto Save / Reset config
  12. If you find new bugs, let us know (only in private section). * Updated to latest game patch
  13. The product has been successfully updated and tested. Several additional features have also been added. * Improved Performance * Improved Security * Improved Menu Customization * Discord overlay is not needed anymore, new requirement is Borderless fullscreeen Features: * Added ESP for berrys, pumpkins, potato and corn * Added timer ESP of hackable crates * Added ESP option to show turret direction * Added ESP of Tool Cupboard upkeep timer * Added ESP of Tool Cupboard authorisation list * Added pSilent Aimbot * Added Slider for recoil compensation
  14. Added few features to our PUBG Cheat. Security and performance improved aswell. * Improved security * Improved performance * Added Radar ESP (check screenshot below) * Upgraded Stream proof method (now it is impossible to screenshare / record ESP) Screenshots with Radar ESP (bad quality due to Stream Proof feature):
  15. Today we spent a whole day to get the forum back online without bugs. Changelog (Status Page): * Updated Status Page * Added additional information to each of the cheat statuses. - Date of Last Detection - Date of Initial Release - Additional Information of the cheat * Added Animation to the slider Changelog (Forums): * Fixed bugs with outdated theme for new forum's engine. * Optimization of network load. Pages will now load ~ 12% faster.