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Testimonial - Fortnite Cheat

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Hi, everybody.

I want to share experiences , to write about the pros and cons of read.

I'll start with the pluses : 
> Very beautiful ESP.
> Good cheat menu , in which I can easily customize the cheat for myself .
> The best feature in this cheat = Silent Aim.
> Load / Create configs
Few cheats that have this feature. This feature makes your life easier at times , which is why I am grateful to coders.

Minus have cheat only one : 
> Sometimes , when  I used Silent Aim  game was getting FPS dropdown.

Cheat perfect for legit gameplay style.

My video where I recorded as I play with this cheat ( Rage) : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=91A0OvWRtb0


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Thanks for the review and the video - cheat looks great. Need it because I suck at building (really) lol 😄

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