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  1. Curious

    My impressions of the cheat

    Thank you very much for your feedback.
  2. CSGO updated - Updated for last patch - Status : Undetected PUBG updated - Updated for last patch - Security updated - Game crashes fixed - Status : Undetected Rust updated - Added new features : > Force autofire > No falldamage > Gravity changer > Double Jump > Stream bypass - Security updated - Lags (when turn on Loot ESP : Icon) fixed - Status : Undetected ESEA updated - Software was recoded - Status : Testing FaceIT updated - Aim fixed - Status : Testing Apex Legends updated - Security updated - Status : Undetected 24.03.2019
  3. Curious

    Apex Legends Cheat released...

    Our software was released after a month of development and not very long tests that were successful. Our software on Apex Legends is specially made for two types of gameplay : 1) Legit 2) Rage For the second, the following TOP features are now available: Silent Aim , Anti Aim , FakeLag , SpeedHack, third person. Of course to use the aforementioned functions can (anti-cheat you will not be banned) , but in the game there are reports and for too obv gameplay = you can very quickly get a BAN. We made a video of our gameplay with our software - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=do-NnupwYQw Just added the product to the store and you can easily buy it . Attention! Our software does not require any verification other than registration , but in the future it MAY become a mandatory part to obtain a cheat. Current status : Undetected (The status is updated every day and you can find it here - https://tildahack.xyz/index.php?/status/ ) Team TH!
  4. CSGO updated - Updated for last patch. - Skinchanger animations fixed. - Status : Undetected PUBG updated - Updated for last patch. - Added Silent Aim ( IN scope ).Beta users who purchased this software can test this version.(The name of the test version - PUBG MHT v0.1) - Anti-Сheat bypass has been improved. - Status : Undetected Rust updated - Glow ESP - the lags have been fixed! - A new feature has been added - setting the aim distance. - Anti-Сheat bypass has been improved. - Status : Undetected FaceIT updated (not) - Game crash while turning on AIM (maintenance) - Status : Frozen 05.03.19
  5. CSGO updated - Updated for last patch. - Status : Undetected PUBG updated - Updated for last patch. - Aimbot improved. - Fixed ESP loot. - Status : Testing (Unknown) 26.02.19
  6. Rust updated - Feature : NoRecoil fixed. (Safety to use) - Bugs fixed - Status : Undetected 23.02.19
  7. Curious

    ReCode - ESEA software!

    I want to say that cheat on ESEA League will be completely rewritten and will be added new anticheat bypass. According to the coder "Apolo" correspondence software will take about 3-4 months.It's pretty small compared to the other coders who write the software in the course of the year. Of course, there may be difficulties and the creation of software may be delayed. >All users receive compensation + extra month or can get a refund! Support for this software will occur, but much less often and the forum team does not recommend using it because the chance of a ban is very high!
  8. PUBG updated - Security Update - Bugs fixed - Status : Undetected 22.02.19
  9. Software updates : > PUBG > Rust > CSGO MatchMaking
  10. After some thought , offered to create the software on the Apex Legends?What do you think about it? As our team entered proffesionally coder - SuPPex0 or Endris (Estonia)
  11. 8000RUB / 100EURO / ~125$ If you are interested please write in private MESSAGES! Closed!
  12. Curious

    Rules for all!

    Temporary ban for : - Spamming - Name calling - Scamming - Inviting to other sites!