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  4. Guest

    Hello People!

    Enter the discord to buy the product
  5. bayern

    Hello People!

    Hi! I am Alex, from Romania and i am 23. I am playing CSGO since release, with some breaks (2-3 months a year). Managed to climb to Global on several accounts. I have played both legit and cheating, now I want to start playing faceit premium with my friends and I want to have a bit of advantage. Anymore question regarding myself, feel free to ask.
  6. Guest

    Sup people !

  7. Slowcows

    Sup people !

    Rust ma boyy
  8. Guest

    Sup people !

    Hello, what are you looking for?
  9. Slowcows

    Sup people !

    Hello, Im 22, looking for some good new cheats. Ive seen Tilda, looks amazing. We need to build a strong community 😄
  10. Theodonya

    Hey everyone!

    Hey, my name is Theodonya! Im new there and i dont know what i want, but i love this site and guys! Im faceit lvl 9-10. So thats why i have good crosshair placement and i looks like legit. I would be interested in this and would be very grateful if I could help you and try to get there Premium. I know that getting an invitation is really difficult. But when a guy showed me this site I couldn't help but post. I have a total of 4.5k hours in cs go. I sometimes also ripped off but I'm not dealing with them anymore, because this looks really good. Have a nice day!
  11. sarbadelin


    buy hack esea
  12. Almost 4 weeks ago, we decided to take a vacation from our work.There were no notifications about it , at the same time I did not respond to any messages. We will resume our cheats within a few days.(We will not be able to give a specific date, approximately until January 20).First, our team will test the performance of our products, after which the status update will not take long. The loader is currently frozen. All active subscriptions will be renewed. With king regards, TC Staff!
  13. infatuated8519

    Hello there

    Hello there im david im just here literally for the league invite when I found this out I rush on my computer to signup and read all those things on this forum just tryna get invite and have fun on the league sorry for being straight outta compt but yeah I hope this cheat and this forum gets more ppl a lot and yea have fun happy new year happy hacking
  14. Curious


    You need to wait for sub. activation.
  15. CuteS


    i bought subs and still haven't received it. pls help
  16. ikozox

    Hey There :D

    Hi there, I am new to the Forum, but i am a long member of the cheating scnene. I play csgo now more than 4 Years on multiple accounts, most times with cheats. The most time i play only legit, because i stillt want to be a bit challenged in a game. Thats why i am also not playing with esp, because i think it is boring to already know, when someone is peaking around the corner. RN i play with a Semi Pro Team 99Damage in Div. 3.3. So I want te be honest, I am here, because I want to play faceit, but not without cheatsoftware. My cheat i am using right now i only for EAC so i want to try out new, other cheats to play with on faceit and easa. Greetz, Ikozox
  17. Hazarko35

    Hi everyone

    Hi guys im new member and i love play cs go and i want buy faceit cheat can you help me about that please?
  18. Curious


    Discounts for our products! At the moment there are discounts for all our products in the amount of 20% These discounts will be valid for the last week. Hurry to buy 🙂
  19. so the age old question has always been, is a hot dog a sandwich, and from the years i have taken out of my life to study the matter, the shape of the bun, the curve of the meat, the taste of the cu... i mean the taste of the sauce. I have came to the scientific discovery that indeed, hot dogs are not sandwiches. If any other scientist would like to give the research they have found i would love to talk about it and hear what they have found.
  20. TheDreadPirate


    I have added you on Discord 🙂
  21. Curious


    Hello , DM me on forums or in Discord : Curious#2125
  22. TheDreadPirate


    Hey. I just found this website and I'm wondering how do I get an invite for the CS:GO cheat? Also what the price be per month? :)
  23. How to get an invitation from rust LVL3

  24. Curious

    need money for cheat

    No one would borrow that amount of money. I think even $15 would be a lot.Because we don't know who you are .
  25. boogerman12345


    I am giving away my minecraft account to pay for the cheartts
  26. boogerman12345

    hello one final question

    If I buy this cheat, will you guys play rust and possible mineplex minecraft (I have vip).
  27. boogerman12345

    need money for cheat

    Hello I am missing 80 bucks could I borrow some?
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