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  4. How can I contact with admins? How can I buy it? Is there any trials available? Please add me - Perform3r#3973 (Discord) Thanks!
  5. Hello. You should DM @Curious on forums or on the discord: Curious#2125.
  6. How to buy CS:GO Multi-League Client.
  7. How to buy CS:GO Multi-League Client

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  9. Yes, we have few versions of the cheats for some leagues. FaceIT Client: Public (https://tildahack.xyz/fpublic.status) Semi-Private (https://tildahack.xyz/fsemiprivate.status) PRO (https://tildahack.xyz/fpro.status) ESEA: PRO (https://tildahack.xyz/esea.status) Multi-League: Lite (Not slotted) Full (https://tildahack.xyz/multileague.status)
  10. Any UD League cheat (sound esp radar etc) available at this time? Id love to get my hands on one.
  11. iowned7


    Hello, Could you ask me a question? Is your Spoofer also functional for FaceIT, Gamersclub (CSGO leagues)? If so, how can I purchase it? I didn't find it in the product list. Thanks in advance.
  12. Hello! I'm frienly!

  13. Hello! I'm new and heard of that this cheat provider offered top notch cheats and decided to give it a look for myself and looked around the forums and was amazed on how helpful everyone was towards each other! I hope we can all be on good terms!
  14. DM Curious, right now, Xyfer is very busy, he will check all requests ASAP.
  15. It’s been 7 days since I’ve submitted for the registration loader. I haven’t gotten a reply yet in support. Is there any ETA on how long it takes or any replies?
  16. Hello, Matt. I hope you will become one of the members of our humble community. 😀
  17. I'm Matt and I'm really into cs go. Nice to meet you all!
  18. Hello, you need to contact the administrator about this issue. There may still be some options for getting access. Write @Curious on the forum or on the discord - Curious#2125
  19. Hello, It is my understanding that the ESEA cheat is a private cheat for trusted users and is limited to 5 spots. However, I was wondering if there are currently any open spots open, and if not how often they usually take to open up. Unfortunately, I understand that me being a new user on Tildahack puts me at an extremely low probability of obtaining access to the ESEA cheat subscription anytime soon. I am mostly just looking for insight on any potential availability, as well as a price if that is something acceptable to discuss with a new member. If anyone whom has access to the cheat or any mod/dev who do not mind divulging information in regard to the time frame from new user to trusted user, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank You
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    Hello People!

    Enter the discord to buy the product
  21. Hi! I am Alex, from Romania and i am 23. I am playing CSGO since release, with some breaks (2-3 months a year). Managed to climb to Global on several accounts. I have played both legit and cheating, now I want to start playing faceit premium with my friends and I want to have a bit of advantage. Anymore question regarding myself, feel free to ask.
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    Sup people !

    Hello, what are you looking for?
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