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    [PUBG] 9/13/2021

    ***for users who was unhappy with PUBG Framework*** Changelog: * Fixed some loader (RS) bugs * Fixed socket errors PUBG: * Pushed an update with blicking menu fix
  3. Seller has been verified. You can purchase our services through @best331 safely.
  4. Seller has been verified. You can purchase our services through @best331 safely.
  5. 官方和值得信赖的 TildaCheats 卖家 ***此线程仅为受信任的用户创建*** 要成为受信任的成员,请申请感兴趣的作弊: https://tildahack.xyz/topic/4227-forums-invitation-verification-1162021/ 付款方式及其工作原理: 1. 前往商店 (https://tildahack.xyz/store/) 并找到您要购买的作弊价格。 2. 打开我的个人资料并向我发送私人消息 (PM),其中包含:所需金额 ($) 和您的付款方式。 我会尽快答复。 3. 使用我的链接付款并查看商店 (https://tildahack.xyz/store/)。 你会得到 美元 ($) 付款成功后 30 分钟内结清余额。 填写表格,您可以用余额购买作弊。 可用的付款方式: Crypto, (+25% to price: AliPay, EcoPayz, PayPal, Neteller). 协议和服务条款 购买方式:
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  7. Usually, up to 2 weeks. But bans are not always delayed depending on how you bypass their client. Play atleast 15 games and you will whether the cheat is detected or not.
  8. All I can say, that anti-cheat bans are delayed for sure. Manual bans = instant bans. Play legitimately and you will be fine. Do you have high rank w/o cheats?
  9. Since I played only on FaceIT for the last few years, I don't know any true info about bans on ESEA... If the cheat detected, i will get banned instantly or ban delayed? thanks
  10. Such type of bans occur only by 2 reasons: - Insane count of reports (user side) - Software does not clean injection tracers - in some cases, you will be flagged, but usually you will just get 24-hours++ bans from 2-3 reports. Similar system exists in Rust. Overall, with our cheat you can easily do hundreds, maybe even thousands of hours on if you have a legitimate play-style that doesn't trigger PUBG "Cerberus", but of course rage or not, this is entirely up to the player.
  11. ur really lucky man, did you get 1 day bans at least?
  12. Changelog: Improvements: * Fixed BSODs (Injection & In-Game) * Fixed exfils * Fixed Aimbot Flickering * Updated for the latest patch * Added new method (more stable / lower FPS drop) - add to Startup Parameter "-beta"
  13. Changelog: New features: * Added Hotbar ESP, once activated it should display the targets equipped items. Just aim at the target and a dialog should pop up that you can move around freely * Added Always HS: Will hit the head no matter what bodypart you hit. Example: You shoot someone with an arrow or bullet in the leg and the projectile will be redirected to the head no matter where the target has been hit * Added "Always Hit Hotspot", works on trees and ores (similar to Auto Farm, which is fixed on some modded servers) Improvements: * Fixed BSODs on injection stage * Fixed some perfomance issues
  14. Detection depends a lot on the cheat and the developers of the cheat yes. But when being banned it is not right to automatically throw the website and or admins and staff under the bus because something happened and the cheat was detected. A lot of times being banned, its most likely due to the fact you had the loader somewhere unsafe, or were maybe going a little to hard with the program. Always make sure you have your loaders on a fat32 formatted USB stick for the most under the radar. As well as a lot of game developers don't waste resources in banned solo players. Most likely what they do a lot of the times is that, they put accounts up for flags. (Multiple ban reports, or malicious software on your PC). TildaCheats is one of the best websites i have EVER used. I used their Rust program for almost 3 months and FaceIT for few months without getting banned. I say that's a win in my book. Using cheats, i'd say no matter what site you are never guaranteed to not be banned. So if anyone is ever banned, they shouldn't be upset, because that's what comes in using these programs. Its literally listed in bold before you purchase I don't think its fair to staff on here, when someone gets banned for being a blatant or just because somehow they got caught. To automatically throw the devs and or staff under the bus. Because like i said, you cheat, you most likely will get banned. There is no site that has 100% undetectable programs, something will always come up, and you should be ready for it when it does. Instead of getting banned, and crying that this site is scamming, and always detected. I used the Rust program for 3 months without being banned. I have not one complaint when being banned, because I know its always coming. I'm never surprised when i get banned, I'm always surprised I lasted another day using the program, because that's what happens.
  15. Live Status Page has been created solely to view up-to-date information. If it is written that the cheat has been undetected since September 25, 2020, then it has not been detected since then.
  16. No detections for me! I'm completely satisfied with it; highly configurable to your needs and aimbot is coded for 'legitness' itself.
  17. you just forgot to tell that it's constantly detected, cuz info on status page - fake
  18. Yea I agree ! Been using for a while now and its's really nice. I do wish that the aimbot would hit moving targets farther out, but its insane for stationary targets like you mentioned. One of the best cheats out there definitely.
  19. All I can say is this is probably the best pubg hack on the market hands down. I don't really have an issue with fps (Just need to make sure loot esp is only on when needed cause that can cause a bit of a dip). The aimbot is perfect within 250 meters for any moving target, and will hit literally any stationary target at pretty much any distance. I have to make sure I lose some of my solo games because it's just that OP so my stats don't look suspicious ( I have like a 7.5 kd this season). Definitely the best pubg hack I know of, especially considering the super reasonable price for invited members only and super safe HWID spoofer is built-in. Just check the status of the cheat and if it's good, you can only get bans for reports.
  20. Changelog: * Improved Security * Improved Injection Timings * Optimized & Updated for Windows 21xx * Minor Design & Text updates Fixes: * Injection Errors * Crashes * Animation Bugs * Login Errors
  21. Added some new features, increased perfomance for LVL1 / LVL2. Changelog: * Improved Perfomance (Level 1 / Level 2) * Improved Security * Added Mini ESP * Added Flying State For Mini ESP * Prediction Fixed
  22. We are pleased to provide new cheat for R6S. At the moment cheat has only few features, but it is quite enough for a comfortable game. Full list of features can be found here. Gradually, the cheat will get more functions. More information about R6S Cheat & Purchase: https://tildahack.xyz/store/product/18-r6s-cheat-gen1/ This cheat has only 20 available slots, real-time slots status: https://tildahack.xyz/choose.status Exact detection status of the cheat: https://tildahack.xyz/status/
  23. We are proud to present TildaCheats standalone HWID spoofer. This spoofer has been developed and tested since 2017, but since then everything has changed and in June we started developing a new generation of this product. At the moment it can be purchased without verification, but if you are interested in a spoofer for FaceIT / ESportal - please pass verification. After purchase read this how-to-use guide. This spoofer is also comes with any of our available cheats. More information about HWID spoofer: https://tildahack.xyz/store/product/10-hwid-spoofer-gen2/
  24. Anticheat Status : - BattlEye : Undetected See exact status : https://tildahack.xyz/index.php?/status/ Game version : - Latest ... Cheat features: - Supports all game modes; - No crashes and FPS drops while using cheat; - Protection from HWID ban (HWID Spoofer); - Works in full-screen mode; - Accurate aimbot that calculates the movement of targets and the distance to them; - Cleaning Logs; - Stream Proof; - Aim Bone (Head, Neck, Chest, Leg) - Additional Aim Bone - Aim Smooth - Aim Key - Distance - Render Aim FOV - Aim FOV (Slider) - Sticky Aim (Lock target) - pSilent - Player ESP - Team ESP - Health Bar - Border ESP - Border ESP Style (Full, Corner, 3D) - Radar - No Sway - No Recoil (can be lowered from 100% to 0 %) - No Spread (can be lowered from 100% to 0 %) - Uninject from the game - Auto Save / Reset config
  25. ShyNoX


    Hi @iowned7, We don't sell spoofer anymore separately. It always goes with our cheats. If you want to get our FaceIT spoofer, you should purchase cheat itself with built-in spoofer. At the moment we are working on spoofer, to sell it separately. Soon it will support more anti-cheats and will be available for purchase again. Kind regards, ShyNoX!
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