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  3. Dear community, We have revised the invitation and verification system and released a small update. Now getting one of our cheats has become much easier, and the system is more efficient. Now you don't have to wait for a response from the head-administrator, but just go to a special forum and follow a few steps. We have created 2 application forms. They differ only in obtaining a higher or lower level of trust factor. At the moment, level 2 is the highest. It allows you to access cheats like: FaceIT PRO, Valorant, Overwatch, ESEA. The rest of the cheats are available at the first level of applications. Quick Tutorial: [STEP ONE] 1. Go to the main forum's page and find special section. Select the first category. 2. You need to select one of approval forms. 3. Fill out the application and click the submit button. [STEP TWO] 1. After submited application, any of moderators / administrators will provide to you - verification tool and token. 2. Copy token and open verification tool as administrator. Paste token and press enter. 3. Program will verify your PC and after verification you should make a screenshot with a results. That's all. You just have to wait for a verdict from the administration. If you still have questions, create a topic in the dedicated section or a ticket in the support center.
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  5. Injection bug hotfix for games related to BattlEye (EFT, PUBG, Fortnite). * Updated injection method for BattlEye
  6. Thanks, all resolved! Close topic please!
  7. Bruuh, just chill. You should get your cheat, don't break the rules otherwise you can get tapped by banhammer.
  8. The waiting time for our answer may increase. We are experiencing heavy traffic due to the COVID-19 situation. We would like to ensure you that we aim to get to each customer as fast as possible while caring about our agents' health and safety. Generating really unique build for each customer may take a while. Check #FAQ - https://tildahack.xyz/articles.html/. Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.
  9. if you need prof i got a video off discord messages will be upp on Youtube soon, after 4 days no one answering form Curious or Loader Registration 100euros like i hope you take that shit to the grave. people work hard for the money and you stilling in the end you will mess with the wrong idiot and your done f you Curious
  10. Hello dear community, Since many are wondering how to buy any Private product, what is needed for this and who needs to be contacted. In this topic I will describe the requirements for the purchase of each cheat. I'll write right away that you need to contact only @Curious. @DX1 is our main software developer and he will be busy, do not try to message him, he will not answer (in 90% cases 🙂). Other developers, like @Lewis can not help you too. To get/purchase most of the cheats, you need to have the role: Sponsor Invited Trusted Sponsor - you can get this role if you buy a subscription there. This role is limited and providing lifetime access to Public cheats and also to some Private cheats: EscapeFromTarkov & Rust LVL3. Also you do not have to pass verification before buying the rest of the private cheats, they will already be available for you. Invited member - you can get this role if you fulfill the following conditions. You can check conditions there: https://tildahack.xyz/how-to-get-invited/ . This user will have access to purchase any of the available private cheats. Also, if you already have friends with this role, you can ask them to invite you. List of available private cheats: CS:GO Cheat for FaceIT Client (PRO version) CS:GO Cheat for FaceIT Client (Semi-Private version) CS:GO Cheat for ESEA Client Rust Cheat (Level 3) Escape From Tarkov Cheat Valorant Cheat Overwatch Cheat DayZ Cheat --- Only for Sponsor Apex Legends Cheat --- Only for Sponsor Trusted - to get this role, you need to pass verification through the head-administrator: @Curious. This role allows you to get access to the purchase of only ONE private cheat for which you passed the verification. If you have any questions, you can DM me, open support ticket or write in the chat on forums.
  11. Anticheat Status : - BattlEye: Undetected To see the exact status : https://tildahack.xyz/index.php?/status/ Game version : - Latest ( Cheat features: - Supports all game modes; - No crashes and drawdowns fps when using cheat; - Protection from ban on HWID (HWID Spoofer); - Works in full-screen game mode; - Accurate aimbot that calculates the movement of targets and the distance to them; - Invisible for checks; - Have Stream bypass - Enable (On / Off) - Style (FOV / Distance) - Target (Head / Body / Legs / Neck / Auto) - Use smooth (On / Off) - Smooth - FOV (On / Off) - FOV Size - Show Aim Fov - Sticky Aim - Max Distance - Silent Aim - Skeleton - 2D Box - 2D Line - Health - Name - Distance - Head Dot (On / Off) - Head Dot Size - Show Players - Show Bots - Show Extractions - Show Deathbody - Item ESP - No Sway (Automatic) - No Recoil (On / Off) - Draw watermark / FPS / Time - Crosshair - Speedhack (Testing) - Color Managment - Key Bindings
  12. There are some known problems on Windows 7 that will need to be fixed. NVME drives on Windows 7 usually uses a custom driver and won't be spoofed properly, so I do not recommend having Windows 7 with NVME drives. Changelog: * Improved performance on some system with EFI * Added spoofing of NVidia GPUs * Slightly improved performance on Intel Our HWID Spoofer is undetected for EAC & BattlEye more than 3 months.
  13. DX1

    [PUBG] 11/24/2020

    Status was changed from Updating to Undetected. The cheat was not detected on AMD processors, only Intel. This update possibly fix the BattlEye detection, unfortunately I am not 100% sure of it as it is quite hard to narrow it down, so the BattlEye status will stay "Unknown" for some time. In the meantime, XignCode added yet another method to take screenshots. Their new method is now blocked. A total of 3 weeks have been added to all PUBG subscriptions. PUBG subscriptions will still be extended until we are confident the cheat is 100% safe again. Upd: Cheat is Undetected on Intel / AMD CPU. Changelog: * Updated a protection against BattlEye * Added a new screenshot bypass for a new method used by XignCode * Added a second screenshot cleaner to bypass a second method used by XignCode * Fixed a bug with the screenshot cleaner when running the game in some fullscreen configuration * Visuals are no longer visible on screenshots taken by the steam overlay - With this update, some changes were made with how the cheat render its visuals. Please report here if you have any visual glitch, or have problems injecting the hack. * Smoothed the RCS so it no longer shakes * Fixed a bug with KeepTarget that wouldn't work with SwapTarget disabled - This update improve the Recoil Control System. It is possible that the server-side anticheat was detecting it as it was shaking quite a lot, especially with low or no smooth. Hopefully this update drastically reduce the chance of being banned.
  14. DX1

    [Rust] 11/24/2020

    New big update for Rust. The public version has been updated and is safe to use. Also a nice update for sponsors or Invited members. Changelog: * Changed a security measure against EAC, boosting performance a lot * Fixed a detection on Intel / AMD CPU * Fixed BSOD because of an EAC update * Fixed the Aimbot prediction and drop correction for the compound bow * Fixed Aimbot on the cargo ship and hot air balloon * Added custom color for Rock Stone, Metal and Sulfur * Removed no-recoil * Added Recoil Control System to the Aimbot New cheat's menu design: (_alpha & _beta builds available for Sponsors & Invited Members)
  15. I've been playing with cheating for a while now and it's time to give my review on this software. After testing several tips on the market, TildaCheats is in my opinion the best cheat site on Fortnite. Aimbot - 9/10 does its job well, you can easily play legitimately or play a little more aggressive, the software is easily adjustable and I appreciate the simplicity of the interface and the quality of the Aimbot which is very precise unlike some software used, the only minus point is the snipers predilection which does not work well for me, after that will change in the future. ESP - 10/10 the best esp I have used, very complete interface, you can adjust many details whether for weapons, players on the map, loot, visual and color Red, green on the players is very well done and especially no drop in performance, with this Esp I had no drop in FPS. Support - 6/10 not really responsive support, but they are kind and ready to help, if there is any problem they took the time to help me and answer my questions when I installed the software the first time Spoofer / cleaner - 10/10, the best I have used, the interface is simple, intuitive and quick to cheat inject, some spoofer and cleaner I used before were a bit complicated and quite restrictive to use, here it just press the buttons to clean, put the spoofer and injected the cheat, very easy to use Conclusion: Tildahack is for me the best tip for Fortnite that you will find on the market, if you are looking for a good quality software that works well and plays for a long time do not hesitate you will not be disappointed, for my part I was pleasantly surprised by this software which is really very good, I highly recommend it. Ps: sorry for the spelling mistakes 🙂
  16. It has come to my attention that computers with windows version 2004 had issues with our cheats. We are proud to announce all issues have been fixed. Thanks for your continuous trust and support towards us.
  17. You may have already seen the rank "Sponsor" around the forum and may have wondered what that's all about... Well to answer your question, this is the rank top-tier donators get. Benefits: With our Sponsor rank you will get LIFETIME access to all current & future cheats. And access for purchase to private cheats without verification process. You will get priority support over others. You will get your own xxx@tildahack.xyz email address. Free access to ALPHA & BETA builds of current & future cheats. Purple username color with effects and other visual features and more forum permissions. How to become a Sponsor? It's very simple, you can buy it here: https://tildahack.xyz/subscriptions/ and you will automatically be upgraded to Sponsor. Sponsor slots left: 3
  18. Hey @masyo, Our cheats, not very cheap, even for league. If you can not afford any of our public cheats, you should close our website. League Cheats require verification and legit play style. You should provide additional information about yourself.
  19. After another big update, we have completely updated all the cheats for the leagues. At the moment, the (Semi-Private) version has been frozen and the aimbot has been disabled for both versions. Since FaceIT has updated its anti-cheat, and we are investigating out how to bypass the new detection. The radar for FaceIT and ESEA was also added and updated. At the moment, the only version that works on the FaceIT League is the PROfessional Version that bypasses anti-cheat completely. The number of slots and the price has not been changed. * Disabled: Aimbot for both versions (Semi-Private & PRO). * Added: ESP (Box) to the PRO version. * Added: Radar for ESEA & FaceIT PRO version. * Improved: Security for both versions. * Improved: Stability. * Fixed: Injection errors. * Fixed: FaceIT Anti-Cheat Detections. * Fixed: Menu Bugs.
  20. DX1

    [Rust] 09/04/2020

    After releasing the Fortnite Gen. 5 Cheat, we of course couldn't forget about Rust. Now completely upgraded with a BUNCH of new features and improvements. We welcome you to our fourth generation Rust cheat. We will rise our Rust subscription price very soon. You can find more details here: https://tildahack.xyz/forum/27-detailed-information-about-our-products/ * Added: Recoil Compensation * Added: No Spread * Added: Infinite Eoka * Added: Extend Melee * Added: Instant Charge * Added: No Penalties * Added: Ore ESP * Added: Admin Mode * Added: Air Stuck * Added: Aqua-Man * Added: Force Running * Added: Always Day
  21. It's finally here, our Fortnite Gen. 5 release! All you have wanted and more now available once again. First off I would like to personally apologize to our customers for the major delay. Due to personal issues and other business related stuff in my real life my time got pushed back by other things requiring attention. All our Fortnite customers will receive +1 month free extension. Slots have been restocked and the cheat is ready, what are you waiting for? Price was not changed. But it may increase in the future. What's new in the generation 3 version? * Added: Stream-Proofing. * Added: Gamepad/Controller Support (for Aimbot). * Added: Bots Feature (Shows/hides bots). * Added: 2nd Aim Key. * Improved: Core Functionality. * Improved: Speed (0% FPS loss). * Improved: Stability. * Improved: Security. * Fixed: EAC & BE Detections. * Fixed: Crashing Issues. * Fixed: Sniper Prediction. * Fixed: Menu Bugs. * Fixed: Numerous Core Bugs. * Fixed: Injection Issues.
  22. It has come to my attention that keeping our website open while playing games might result in a ban. Please close TildaCheats and/or ANY other cheat site while you are gaming!
  23. Let's get straight to the point, the reason for delayed updates is because of my personal life. I'm currently in a very dangerous divorce with my ex-wife and you have to understand that she knows ALL of my secrets including TildaCheats. This comes down to me having to be very very careful what I do and where I spend my time. I try to code as much as possible but I also have to make sure I leave 0 traces anywhere and make sure I can declare what I do with my time. This is very hard to do, but it should be resolved in the next few days and I'll have all the time in the world again. Customers know the quality I provide when I'm working full time on TildaCheats. Just hang on a bit more and it will be all good.
  24. DX1

    [Forum] 09/03/2020

    TildaCheats Rank Overview + re-design Hey everyone, Since our badges for each rank are outdated in design, so we decided to change them completely. Overall, the badges have received a complete design update, simple and beautiful. Also, many do not know what gives or how to get any rank. This topic will display all ranks, with new badges and a description. If I missed something, you can notify me in private chat. Staff Ranks Administrator The Administrators are the ones in charge of TildaCheats. They form the agenda, add new features, appoint new staff members, develop new software for project and have the final say in each and every crucial decision. Moderator Moderators watch over the forum(s) they are assigned to. They will handle your reports, but are also the ones to contact should you be having any problems. Moderators are also responsible for profile reports. Contrary to what many users believe, moderators cannot ban anyone! Moderators also do not have access to user details (email addresses, IP addresses, etc.). Developer Developers mostly work on updates and improvements to the software. Members with this rank will have a considerable level of access. This includes access to many internal discussion forums as well as code repositories where we store and maintain the source code of our custom-made add-ons for our forum software. This is also the reason why you cannot formally apply for this rank. Instead the board administrators will appoint new developers if they deem someone competent and trustworthy. Special Ranks Sponsor This rank is to specifically honor (business) partners and generous backers. You can formally apply for this rank. You should buy a subscription, afterwards you can get some cheats for any period of time (read the description above subscription). This rank gives you access to all private sections except the administrative level and to all cheats, even beta & alpha versions. Donator An ordinary rank, almost no different from the usual user (Member), except for the visual component. Invited Member This rank CANNOT be purchased officially. This is issued to verified users with the rank (Trusted) at the request of the administration. This rank gives you access to all private sections except the administrative level and to all cheats. User Ranks Re-Seller This rank can be obtained at the discretion of the administration, if you are an official seller of our products. With this rank, you get unlimited access to our public cheats and a discount on the purchase of keys / gifts in the form of a subscription to our SOFTWARE. Trusted This rank can be obtained officially by passing full verification. Allows you to get the following ranks: Invited Member, Re-Seller. Customer People with this rank help to maintain the life of the project. You will receive this rank after purchasing any product other than a donation. With this rank, you get priority support and access to the private premium section on the forum. Member This is the default and first rank that a registered user gets. 🙂
  25. Hi , everyone i am from sweden ,and like play csgo , come here to find a faceit cheat for cgso ,
  26. How can I contact with admins? How can I buy it? Is there any trials available? Please add me - Perform3r#3973 (Discord) Thanks!
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